Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend with the Kids ♥

Me burnt!

Sarah with our bread ( :

Sam, Josh, Emily and Sarah

Josh Caught 4 little crabs that day

Emily and Sarah at Candy Kitchen

Josh and SAM

Hey Everyone ( :
The Lord truly has blessed me this past weekend ( : While my mom was out of town for a couple of days i watched the kids and was able to spend some real quality time with them. On Friday we all loaded up early and went to the beach for the day. Right befor we left we went to a favorite Ice-cream shop across the street...CANDY KITCHEN ( : they loved it! We pretty much had the whole beach to our selves and had a blast...I however did not put on sunscreen like the rest of my siblings. I'm burnt to no end and feel horrible, but we had a great time ( :
On sat we had a clean up day at my Nanny's house an then went an got Watermelon...ummmm ( : The house looked great and the kids were in really good spirits for how exhausted they were. That night we all stayed up telling stories and eating ice-cream, I feel truly blessed to have had such a wonderful weekend with the Kids.
For all of those that stay really busy and caught-up in their own lives...take this little piece of free advise. Make sure you take time out of your busy lifestyle to really enjoy your family. If you have little ones don't wait till they are all grown up to have a good time. Children are a true blessing from the Lord and I'm so proud to be a part of a big family.

Thanks for reading ( :
Peace in Christ,
Julia Grace...enjoy the pics ♥


Dischers said...

How nice to have that time with your siblings, Julia. Sam and Josh sure looked like they got some sun yesterday!

You are right, we DO have to take the time with the younger ones while we can 'cause they sure grow up fast. It is so sweet that you really recognize the value of being part of a family. It IS special, isn't it?

Tina said...

What a blessing you are to your family!! They will never forget the precious time you've invested in their lives.

I know why you're burnt. Because like you always do, you were thinking about others and not yourself. You truly have a servants heart. (but, take care of you, too, o.k.?)

I love you jules,

Mrs. Stokesies said...

Hey Julia, Missed ya this week-end. Finally finished my class tonight! Looks like yall had a great time. Thanks for all your sweet help. I'm glad they have you for a sister. Love you, Aunt Cathy

Sarah said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!! :)
The beach is a lot of fun.

See ya soon!