Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On a Mission ♥

This is my Uncle, David a missionary over seas. A person i once thought to be an over the top christian...a person who took life way to seriously! After the Lord got a hold of my heart and changed my life i realized that he was the kind of person that i wanted to be. Someone that takes the word of God serious, and applies it to their life.
In the King James Bible, in Matthew 28:19-20 the Lord clearly tells us our purpose on this earth until His return. To go unto the world and preach the gospel of Christ to others. I'm so blessed to have him as an Uncle and as an example of what the Lord has called us to do. Please Pray for all the missionaries, this world is becoming more and more corrupt with each passing day. David if your reading...Thanks for everything, I'm so glad the Lord has put u in my life.
Above is a recent photo of David's travles, the ruins in Pergamos.

Thanks for reading, Peace in Christ ~ Julia Grace ♥


Tina said...

Worded perfectly!! What a blessing to Uncle David.

Love you Jules,

For God's Glory!!! said...

I am so proud of the woman you have become and are still becoming!
I really didn't "know" you before...but I am very blessed that we (our family) know you now.
God Bless you my precious friend!!!
Love, Tracy Graves