Monday, April 28, 2008

This is what i call Jamin ( :

Smells wonderful


Me and Mama...the Pro ( :


Me an little Nanny

Lots of help is always nice

Add Love ( :

Wash well

From the Field to the Kitchen

We put away 50 jars of jam and bagged was alot of fun and the jam turned out wonderful ( : Thank you Lord ♥

Lunch Time ( :

sweet little girls ( :

THe adult Table...we just about took up the whole place

awww sweet Kati and Samuel

Molly, Aunt Cathy and Tina

little gal table

BIg Kid table

Thank u Lord for good food and friends to share it with ♥ We took a lunch break at Sonnys and then went back to picking. I believe this was the last time i went out with the Millers before they left...Miss u guys!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Berry Beautiful Day in Plant City

All work and no play for this crew!! Not ( :

ME and Rach

LIve, LauGH, LOve

Little James...miss u!


Tom and James

Little ones

Awww so sweet!

A handful of Beauty

Aunt Cathy ♥

I smell Jam already

the Wonderful Liv

God is so Good ( :

Plant City

hard at work!

Dan the Man ( :


The Beautiful Mrs. Discher

Not all that long ago the friends and family went berry picking right before the Plant City fields were plowed under. And after a hard day of picking everyone went out for a nice lunch. Me, Mom and and the Girls made Jam that was soooo good ( : and had a had not made jam in years, but picked it up like she had been doing it all her life ( : Thanks everyone for a wonderful time ♥ Hope u enjoy the Photos.

Peace in Christ ~ Julia Grace

Hello Everyone, Sorry it has been so long since i've posted will do that to ya ( : here are the rest of the photos from ace. Hope u enjoy, and thanks for checking out my blog. Peace in Christ ~ Julia

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

People need to know the Truth, the Lord is coming back to judge this world...pass it on!