Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Here and There and a little of yonder

I have finally finished all the pieces for my bf lauren's scarf...just have to put it together ( : meow

Every stich is filled w/ luv ( :

Me and David sunday after church...he is ready for a nap!!

Bang Bang...

Me and My sister Sarah and a friends wedding this past weekend

.25 cent glasses ( : luv a good deal

I think these are so cute ( :

He luv's kids...i think he is most happy around children
Here are some random pics from this week...i've been trying for a while now to get my bf's scarf done and i have now finished, i just have to put it all together!
"May all we do bring honer and Glory to the Lord"


The Brockett Bunch said...

Hey Julia,
I found your blog through the Pollocks blog....It's nice to keep up on you and what you are doing! The scarf you are making looks pretty neat (I love all the differant colors)!
God Bless and have a great day,
Emily Brockett @-->---

The Dischers said...

Fun pics!!! Was that scarf peiced together? Looks like a lot of work!

Thanks for posting!

God Bless!
The Dischers

The Miller Family said...

Good to here from you! That scarf looks like a true labor of love! You look very happy with David. May the Lord bless you both.

The Pollock Family said...

NICE Scarf Julia. I know Lauren is gonna LOVE it. If she doesn't, you can just give it to me:) That was a lot of work.

I love the pic of David and the baby. How cute!!

Love you Ju,