Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kati w/ Logan and Sarah w/ baby girl sydney

Sydney Grace

Sarah and Logan

Josh w/ Logan and Hannah

Little mama

Me and Sydney

Josh and Logan

the g-maws

Awww little ones ... sydney and Logan!

Hannah and sydney
Sorry it has been so long since my last post...i'll try to get better at keeping it up. But if the this blog didn't take so long to load pics i'd post more often.
Any ways my sister Hannah had her babys about 2 1/2 weeks ago. These pics are from the day and day after they were born. awww they are such a blessing but i tell ya they are not sleeping well. Me my mom and sisters are taking turns staying up all night w/ them until my sister is well enough to take care of them herself. Can't wait till that day comes...jk but for real i luv sleep. oh yes an btw this would be one of the reasons for not getting on hardly ever. luv always and Peace in our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ ~ Julia

P.S. Please be praying for these beautiful baby's an their parents ( : Thanks


Kitty said...

Hey, Julia! Glad to see the update. :) What sweet little bundles!!! I'll be praying for them. Sleepless nights with infants can be very tiring and stressful! But hopefully when they get used to this new world, they'll settle down! They are beautiful! :)


The Miller Family said...

Congratulations on being an aunt! The babies look absolutely precious! Please congratulate your sister and parents for me. I'm sure taking care of twins is very tiring, and Hannah is probably quite thankful for all the sweet help she has!

God bless and we will surely be praying!


Mrs. Stokesies said...

Aw, we just love those little babes. Precious gifts from the Lord. We are praying.
Love ya, Aunt Cathy

The Pollock Family said...

Julia, is that you?!? Is that REALLY you!?! It's so good to hear from you again!

There is nothing more precious and beautiful than babies and you are such a blessing to your sister. What would she do without you? We will be praying for Sidney, Logan, Hannah, Brian and you. You are a blessing to them and to us.

Love you much,
Mrs. P

The Dischers said...

Congratulations, "Auntie Julia"!!! How exciting! May these new lives grow to serve our Lord as enthusiastically as their precious Aunt.

Mrs. Discher

For God's Glory!!! said...

AMEN!! I agree with Mrs. Discher!!
May they grow up to love and serve the Lord like you, Julia!! What beautiful babies the Lord has blessed Hannah and her hubby with.
Give her our congrats. We will surely be praying for them to get their days and nights straightened out!!
Much Love,
Mrs. Graves for the family


Wow! I hadn't checked your blog in a while. Alot has happened! What precious and beautiful babies. We are so happy for your family and will be praying for God's grace during the first difficult weeks and months!
We will be praying that God keeps His hand on these little ones and for wisdom and God's best for the entire family.
Many congratulations to you, Julia! You are certainly a blessing to all.
Mrs. Stricklen