Monday, March 3, 2008

Jordans B-Day

the only ladies left at the counter
Jordan gettin his gifts
action on the front porch w/ Benny
margaret, rosie, mary
markie, Stacy, and Abby
how'd like them gifts jord
Java Mama!
Ben and Deda
just a little more family for ya
Mr. Discher and his little lady
Granny and her Beautiful Daughter
Gettin that Slaw ready for the party
Aunt cathy, me, mom and Alice
SAm, sam, Gabe and tom
mick, Gabe, and Jordan
Mrs. Miller and Mrs. P
Aunt Esther and Vaughtie
Abby and Rachel
strummin away
food for all
( :
the whole lot
Liv and Gabe
Sarah Dicher
enjoyin the show
come and get it!
I actually got him smiling
Star of the show
Cripple Creekin
mama ( :
The alfords
Granny and Mr. P
Vaughtie and Uncle Tommy
u too cute
me and ole tom cat
it's about the only way u can get their pic
cousins..mayme, summer, emily, sarah, and little day
say cheese
awwww sweets what it is
Cathy and Tracy
Summer and granny
liv and Jess
me and little Savanna
just some good ole boys
little ones
b-day boy and Aunt Cathy
me and Nanny

By: liv and Mrs. P.
Aunt Cathy and Jordan me and Jess
Dischers ( :

Saturday Aunt Cathy held a B-day bash for was great fun, have a look
P.S Thanks everyone for all your help in preparation, Luv ya


happy haley said...

yay thanks little day i have a real name haley day any ways add me love haley

Mary said...

Bless you Jordan for having a 'B' day so we could have such a fun party. That there party was as much fun as it looks in the pics. Thanks Julia for taking and sharing wonderful pictures!

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